Happy New Year 2022. Welcome to the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities Universiti Malaysia Sarawak. This year UNIMAS is celebrating its 30th Anniversary. The celebration is indeed a very meaningful one to the faculty as it was one of the few faculties which was first established by UNIMAS. Since then the faculty had produced large number of graduates. Meanwhile our academic staff had been actively carrying out substantial number of research activities particularly related to Borneo. It is one of the faculty's contributions to the society and humankind.

The faculty and university always strive for excellence in our academic programs. It is indeed our mission to develop professionals with a global perspective. The faculty encourages international interactions through participation of the students in mobility program organised by UNIMAS and also through various platforms of intellectual discourses with international communities. Our postgraduate degrees offer our students personal enrichment and enhanced career opportunities. Our dedicated staff aspires to provide our graduates with the skills of learning new ideas, being analytical and also being critical thinkers.

It is our commitment and effort to realise the vision and mission of university and to drive the university towards academic quality achievement and recognition. May all effort will create big impact on students’ holistic development and produce excellent graduates. We invite you to visit our website where you will find valuable information about our academic programmes, activities carried by our graduates and research and publications by our academic staff.

Thank you.

Professor Dr. Neilson Ilan Mersat
Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, UNIMAS